Some Shots Around Our House

Living Room From Hallway
Living Room From Front Door
Looking Towards Dining Room
Living Room Looking Towards
Front Door, From Dining Room
Our Fake Fireplace
Living Room From Kitchen
(The Plants are 15 years old)

Kitchen From Living Room
(That is refrigerator under all that paper)
Kitchen from Dining Room
Kitchen From Dining Room, To Living Room
Kitchen Table/Living Room
A View Out My Kitchen Window
(from sink to mountains across valley)
An Entry To The Family Room
A View Of Family Room
Another View Of Family Room
(See my laptop)
A View Across The Room
(Watching Match Play Golf)
A View Of My Messy Office
Another View Of My Messy Office
A Shot Of My Son's Workstation
and my Two Servers
My Two Server on Right, and My Son's
PC on Left.  On Top is my DSL Modem,
Wireless Router, and Switch
Christmas The Way IT SHOULD BE
A View Of a Balloon Flying
Over The Mountains Out
Of Our Kitchen Window
Another Balloon Shot
(I first saw it from Kitchen Window)

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