Some Shots Around Our House
After The Fire

Living Room From Front Door
Looking Towards Dining Room
Looking Down Hallway From Living Room
Again, Looking Down Hallway From Living Room

Living Room Looking Towards
Hallway From Dining Room
Living Room From Kitchen
Heading From Living Room To Downstairs,
You Can See The Heavy Smoke Damage
A View Of Where Smoke Came
Through Vent In Kitchen
Kitchen Table Covered In Soot
(lighter outline is where my laptop was sitting)
A View Of The Kitchen Floor
(you can see the heavy damage done
by the soot to this floor and the hardwood floor
A View Of Family Room
Another View Of Family Room
A View From the Family Room leading to the stairs going up to the main floor.
Entrance to my office
A View Of My Messy Office
(Lost $16,000 worth of PC equipment)


A View Of The Entrance To Utility Room
Ah The Place Where It All Began

See the door on water heater blown open?   Because the builder never had proper ventilation for the utility room there was a lack of oxygen that then caused a Backdraft from the hot water heater.  This is turn is what started the whole fire.  The force of the gas igniting after an oxygen source fed the smoldering pilot light caused the flames to exploded from the bottom of the water heater, much like a thruster on a jet, and the flames quickly caught everything on the floor around that area to catch fire and then the flames and fire just spread across the utility room floor.
This was at one point the well tank.  You can see more of the damage done by the blowout from the water heater.  Notice the intense heat damage on the sheet rock walls.  The fire was so hot that items in my office (adjacent to the utility room) melted, as did fire detectors in the hallway and a shower unit in our master bedroom bath which was above the stairwell area.
There used to be shelves here,
the intense heat melted them.
A Christmas That SUCKED
In The Condo 2005-06

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